• Great lectures on such a wide range of topics – I love it!

    Marian Phipps

  • I always enjoy our meetings, the lecturers are really entertaining and interesting. I’ve had my eyes opened, in the nicest possible way – and made new friends.

    Nichola Bridgeman

  • Great lectures on such a wide range of topics – I love it – painting, scupture, architecture, furniture, even the history of playing cards. It’s adding knowledge to ‘fill out’ what I’m learning for my Open University Arts degree.

    Helen Rose

  • Marvellous quality of speakers, such a treat for us in Holmes Chapel.

    Pauline Gibbons

  • Jodfas is excellent. We get such good quality lectures every month – top class.

    M Slater, Alison Porat, Teresa McFarquhar, M Daw

  • I enjoy really good quality talks every month with our very friendly group.

    Mo Heaton

  • JoDFAS is fantastic, it is really stimulating and rewarding. The lecturers always manage to find a new angle on even the most famous works of art or artists.

    G Hill

  • Fascinating talks on such a wide range of subjects. I’ve learnt a lot and enjoyed every one.

    Peter Clinton, Helen Rose, Julia Taylor

  • JoDFAS is a real addition to Holmes Chapel.

    Patricia Cotton

  • JoDFAS is always interesting ,showing us a variety of art that we would not usually experience.

    JG Copley

About JoDFAS

Jodrell Decorative and Fine Arts Society of South Cheshire and North Staffordshire (JoDFAS)

Our base is in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire although we cover a much wider area including South Cheshire and North Staffordshire. We are an informal, friendly group and we welcome new members. We have an exciting programme of events including:

  • Illustrated evening lectures every month

  • Special Interest Days

  • Visits to places of artistic merit

  • Membership also includes a subscription to NADFAS Review, which contains informative articles about the arts, and is a showcase for many of the wonderful projects that NADFAS members and Societies get involved with.


Please like our Facebook page for regular updates on our lectures, visits, special interest days and news